engineering services

I offer my services as an audio engineer. My main genre is Hip Hop but I’ve also worked with Pop/Rock bands. What are people saying about my skills? Check it out on my Instagram page.
Here are a few examples of my work:



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Contact me at , send me the tracks that need professional treatment

I have compiled a list of tips for recording vocals at home based on my experience with vocalists. I’ve worked with studio recordings and home recordings. My say is that if you know how to do it and have a decent set up, you can get good recordings at home.
After you record, you’ll need to render the vocals for me to work with. Are you doing it right? I have also written this info on how we engineers like to get our files. You can also get in touch and I’ll help you render your files.

Once you have the files ready, send them to my email so I can check if everything is correct. If everything’s okay, you need to make the payment via PayPal. They offer buyer’s protection.

My masters are Spotify loudness levels compliant. You’ll sound as loud as the competition.