I’m sulto. I have a good ear and I’m dedicated. I love music. The natural path for me to take was sound engineering.
I have been producing since 2008, and after a bad experience with a record label, I decided to start my own in 2010. I called it Harkee Records, we were releasing House music. We signed young talents and invested time on their growth. It was a successful project that landed us licensing deals with big companies (ZYX, Universal, Sony, Ministry of Sounds)
Because of Harkee’s success I opened a second label, Caramelo, focused on merging two sounds: hip hop rappers and house music producers. The first few releases already hit the Beatport/iTunes charts. I started to like Hip Hop more than House. It’s easier to break the rules on Hip Hop.
I was taking care of almost everything: scouting, A&R, legal, distribution, marketing, mastering. It was tiring. So I parted ways with the record labels around 2014, and pursued a freelancer career. That’s where I’m at right now.
I’m a producer and sound engineer. I make music, and make music sound good.